My name is Tom McGaughan and have lived in Pawleys Island, SC since 1993.

Over the past 30 years, I have have been a licensed builder, electrician, remodeling and painting contractor. I am also licensed in South Carolina as a Home Inspector and General Inspector for Backflow Valves.

There is more information about my experience on the About Me page.

What I do....!

Electrical: Troubleshoot and repair your electrical problems. From ceiling fans to outdoor receptacles.

Plumbing: Repair any plumbing problems with your fixtures inside and outside your home.

Painting: Prep and paint any of your interior rooms with the color of your choice. One of my favorite things to do and have been painting since I was 11 years old.

Carpentry: Repair a door or window jamb. Install ventilated shelving or adjust your cabinet doors.

Irrigation: Analyze your irrigation system and adjust or relocate spray heads. Install a timer...whatever you need.

I offer free estimates and advice on what I would do if I was repairing my own house.

Thank you for visiting my website,

Tom McGaughan

Call me at: 843-458-0058

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